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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
I think it's whatever you like. I have clients that string full poly at 58 and 60 pounds. If it feels okay, and it's not hurting your arm then I would keep going with your setup. It is true that poly's loses a lot of tension after the first few days but again if you like it, keep it.

Also, Luxilon 4G holds tension very well.

Best of all you can buy it right from TW
Thanks for the reply!

I have heard about the tension drop, but (I SWEAR) this Cyber Flash plays about the same as it did 20 court-hours ago. Is this a case of it truly not losing much tension, or is there something else about it (the stiffness?) that leads to it feeling like it's not lost much tension and leading to balls not sailing long as they would with my multi at this point in the stringjob's life?
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