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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Update on Luxilon 4G as cross:

I now have both of my 200 Tours strung with VS Tour / 4G 16.

I've noticed something interesting about how it ages. For the first few hours it's very comfortable, it then goes through a brief period of less comfort, and then settles in for the long haul to something close to a pillow!

When I had the first frame strung with 4G I was worried that it may not be all that comfortable over the long haul. I felt indications that it was becoming stiff, dead, and boardy. I was ready to give up on 4G and had the other Tour strung with VS / Pro Red Code 16.

After several more hours of play with both I noticed the PRC frame was hurting my arm while the 4G was becoming softer!

So I had the PRC frame restrung with VS / 4G. The second 4G frame has followed the same sequence: perfect comfort at first, a brief period of less comfort, and then it breaks in to perfectly soft and pillow like.

At all times the 4G provides amazing control and good spin potential. Of the many poly crosses I've tried with gut it provides the best combination of control and comfort (other provide equal comfort but not nearly as much comtrol). Spin potential is not quite as good as other but certainly good enough. I'm glad that I didn't panic and cut out the 4G when it went through that brief period of lower comfort (but never truly uncomfortable).
Sounds like I should give this setup a try on my next stringing. I hope that doesn't come along for another 2 months though.

In terms of power, or lack there of, how did it compare to your other hybrids? When I hybrid I usually go for the smallest poly cross I can find. I'm afraid the thicker gauges the 4g come in may rob me of some of that power and give me a boardy feeling.

Originally Posted by Prostaffer View Post
For those that have used gut. Are you using the gut at 10% more than the poly, using the same tension or only a 2-3lbs difference in tension as I'm seeing in some of the pro stringing logs?
I use 10% differential when hybriding gut with a poly. I also do the yonex 5% cross differential also so I take a total of 15% off when I do a gut/poly hybrid.
Yonex VCORE 95D - Pacific Classic 16 x MSV Co-Focus 1.18 @ 54/45 lbs
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