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Originally Posted by filphil View Post
When I kept track of poly tension with a gamma ERT 300, I noticed that there is a point where the tension plateaus and does not drop anymore. I classify this as a dead poly. It may be that you've hit that plateau as well and have been hitting that way for the past 20 hours.
Is this "dead"-ness necessarily a bad thing? I mean, I assume I probably am not getting the spin potential I would from a fresh stringjob. But I hit the ball relatively flat anyway. Is there something to be said for having a predictable string job that stays the same over the life (or afterlife) of the string, even if it is "dead"? I mean, I like the feel more than the feel of any type of string I've ever used, other than a few multis, which, for me, become unplayable after about a week.
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