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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
So if I get a papercut I need to go to the emergency room? Give me a break!

While it's not good to tell someone not to go to a doctor if he has an injury, it's also unreasonable to tell someone to take 6-12 months off without knowing anything about his condition other than he feels pain while hitting a forehand.

No need to scare the guy into thinking it's doomsday. He even says it's not severe. If it was that bad, I think he would know it. I tore a tendon in my ankle once. Believe me, I knew it!

I prefaced what I said that "IF YOU HAVE TENDINOSIS" then "blah blah blah"... I'm impling that the subject will have sought a professional diagnosis. I was indicating that the standard treatment time for tendinosis is 6-12 months (I know, my orthopedic sports doctor gave me the MRI and I have been diagnosed with Tendinosis).
Tendinitis (be it GE or TE) can become Tendinosis unless proper medical treatment and proper daily living adjustments are applied... Again, if the case lingers, then its paramount that he get a proper medical diagnosis before things potentially go from bad to worse.
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