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Originally Posted by AA5B Tiger View Post
Probably wrongly, I upped the SG tension because it is so much more elastic than the poly.

Should I have just put the poly and SG at the same tension?
There are numerous schools of thought on this issue. I for one string the more elastic string at a higher tension. I do NOT however string mains and crosses differently if using a full bed. I play poly/syn or poly/gut, and I play my poly in the high 40s. While syn gut is not very powerful, it is far less stiff than poly so I want to try and make a more uniform stringbed stiffness. Now, to be fair, the stringbed stiffness IS uniform no matter what and you'll never match the stiffness of the mains' contribution to that of the crosses presuming a poly hybrid. This is especially the case when using natural gut. To me it basically comes down to the fact that normally, you wouldn't play a synthetic in the low 50s or high 40s, but you shouldn't string it at your normal 58 when you want to play poly at 50. You'll get a very interesting head shape if you did that. So, by upping that tension, you get the elastic string closer to the range it was "meant" to be played in. I have done it both ways (tension same on both m/c) and truth be told found no difference in playability. It's more of habit now. On Yonex frames, the story is different, as you are meant to lower the crosses.
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