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Originally Posted by Texas Scrambler View Post
Good to see the thread growing since this is likely a common tennis injury. The calf is 95% healed with the 5% being the scar tissues gets tight with prolonged use. More stretching and targeting the scar tissue with the foam rollers is working well.

Another epiphany was I was drinking protien powder mix for convenience after exercising and it had Creatinine in it. I firmly believe the Creatinine was responsible for the muslce tear. So for me, no more Creatinine and no more muscle tears.

Hope all this helps and thanks for the earlier great advice on healing.
Why do you feel that Creatine had some influence on your calf tear?

I believe that I read that Creatine builds up within the muscles and that it also causes some extra water to build up within the muscles. Someone said that the water bulks up the muscle a bit. Do you think that is true?
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