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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Hey TonyB, what tension are you using for PS, and what racquet? I'm curious, because while I agree that PS is a very good poly (albeit for only a brief period of time), the spin you speak of generating with this string is what I find interesting. Mind you, I'm quite capable of generating respectable spin with the likes of a basic synthetic, hence my technique is quite sound. I just didn't find PS to be in the same league as Tour Bite, Cyclone, and several other popular polys, which seems to be the kind of spin you're producing with PS. I used it in a Volkl MP Classic at 53, by the way. I've also tried it in a hybrid, but I can't recall the tension--I'd have to look it up when I get home.
I'm using the PS Energy strung at 30 lb. in a Yonex Tour 89. I've also strung it at 32 lb. in a Vantage 90 with the same results. Crazy spin, amazing touch, and controllable power. But after a few hours on the court, the tension loss turns the stringbed into a trampoline and shots start to fly. Also, to make matters worse, the spin potential drops. So they really need to be cut out at the 6-hour mark, at most.

I've never strung the PS Energy in the 50's, so I can't say whether or not it's the low tension that's giving the increased spin. All I know is that I can hit ridiculous kick serves and sick skidding slices with it that I was NEVER able to do with any other string, including a Natural Gut/MSV Hex hybrid.

The Yonex Tour 89 is a fairly tight stringbed -- probably akin to a midplus frame with a 18x20 pattern. And the spin is still ourtrageous. I really like this string a lot at the low tension. Power level is high, but it's not ridiculous. You really need to try it first-hand to see how good polys can play at low tensions (<40 lb.).
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