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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I guess I do not see it as someone enjoying the years more than others. Families are all different and get their bonding from different things.

If a family wants even a mediocre kid to treat tennis seriously, to instill discipline, life lessons, and simply to compete with themselves as far as how much they can improve, that is great.

I think the OP would have made more effect on me had it been general. Enjoy your kids while they are young, they grow up fast. The degree of seriousness they take tennis and tennis trips is not relevant to that enjoyment. The enjoying the childhood can come from many other avenues. My kid acts like every sporting event is life or death.....I imagine she will be quite stoic when we start traveling to tournaments. But she is the silliest thing, and we laugh pretty much the entire rest of the day.
I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but I am sure we have all seen the "crazy" tennis parents who just take things too far.

And then in the end the kid ends up quitting tennis or playing college tennis just like most kids.

In the end the craziness, the stress, the overemphasis on results is just so not worth it. The time goes by so fast and for most tennis families, the most important part is the time that they got to spend together and the good times they had; not the wins and the losses.
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