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Tomas Berdych switched over to the IG Instinct PJ around Wimbledon 2011 or a bit later on but still used the YT Radical PJ for quite a while into late 2011 and he did fairly well with it. So paint can matter; even if it really doesn't.

I'm a software engineer and I use a computer that's moderately old. It has the software that I need and it's setup the way that I like it. I could get something newer, faster, lighter, better battery life, better styling, etc. but I don't see a need to change something that works great as it is.

On racquets, what I like the most is consistency in frames - getting two, three or four frames that are matched for weight, balance and swingweight. I can than make the same modifications to get the frames where I want them. I think that I'd be happy with the Radical or the Prestige and they're quite different racquets - but I think that most players can play well with a range of racquets, as long as they have the optimum weight, balance and swingweight.

The main thing that I avoid is racquets that are overly stiff. I try to stay below 66.
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