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Poly Tour Pro 1.25 - had another hit with this string this past month.

I'm not entirely convinced by it. It has such muted feel on contact with the ball. You really don't get much feedback regarding what the ball's doing on the stringbed. Apart from the lack of feel, there's nothing wrong with it in terms of the way the string performs, but there's nothing to blow you away either unless you consider consistency and neutrality strong points.

It's smooth hitting, controlled, reasonably powerful but never overpowered, has spin but not massively spin orientated. Smooth, neutral, considered, controlled. It's makes for a consistent, predictable ball off the stringbed.

Would probably suit a bigger hitter who absolutely cracks the ball because its lends control to the equation. Playability of the string lasts absolutely ages. Even when its dead / semi-dead its still very playable and control orientated, though its gets slightly harder on the arm the deader it is.

I don't dislike PTP, but I am loving Genesis Black Magic 17 much more at the moment, not least because of the greater bite and feel on contact. If they could improve the feel of PTP and add some more spin, it would be right up there as a really, really good string.

Cat amongst the pigeons, but I'd go so far as to say that PTP is a comfortable version of Luxilon 4G, albeit more muted in terms of feel.

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