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Default Pro Stock Racquets 101 (Head)

Hello to all you hackers

I have been spending too much time on this forum and for all you noobs in the same boat as me trying to learn about Pro Stock Racquet this is what I've read ...primarily from vsbab's posts, and he/she (you never know) seems to know their stuff.

Later on I will write about Wilson Pro Stock racquets, this is a summary of Head Pro Stocks.

Pro stock racquets are racquets designed for the pros/high level players. The reasons (taken from another post) for getting pro stock racquets are as follows:

- You want matched frames
- You want a lighter hairpin to work with
- You like the way they are set up
- They were used by your favorite pro
- You want something to hang on your wall
- You want characteristics that are hard to find in retail racquets that you can find in a specific pro stock
- You want extended length frames
- You want a molded or articulated grip
- You want a heavier version and don't want to put silicone and lead in yourself

Now for the fun stuff! Most of the touring pros on TV play with "old" racquets painted to look like a new racquet. The racquets have paint jobs on them. Previously the name of the pro stock racquet would be printed on the inside of the throat, but now (post 2011), to hide the truth of pro stock racquets, the code can be found underneath the grip, under the pallets.

The MAIN Head pro stock racquet molds that you will hear mentioned are:
PT10 = Prestige Classic 600
57A = Pro Tour 630 (RA 53-57)
57E = Pro Tour 630 (RA 58-62)
57F = saw one of these on another forum, don't know much about it other than....(using the M&Ms/Santa Clause voice..."they doooo exist!"

There are others PT161 (LM Instinct),PT167 (FXP Radical MP) but most of the hype online is about the 57A/E/etc or PT10.

If you see a Head racquet with a TGK or TGT code they are ALL made in China, do my understanding they are just lighter hairpins, which make them easier to customize.

Only certain pro stock racquets are made in Austria, most are made in China. Also the TGK has no Twaron...I assume the TGT's have no Twaron as well but correct me if I'm wrong.

If you want to buy a Pro Stock Racquet used the price ranges from $250-$350...again...correct me if I'm wrong. NEW pro stock racquets...yes, "they do exist" run you $500!!!!

The questions I have to further my knowledge are the following:
- Are all PT10s, 57A's, 57E's still made in Austria with Twaron.
- How do these racquets compare to retail sticks in general. Smaller sweetspot? Less power, etc?
- One post I read said everything can be altered (Swingweight, Balance, etc) even flex? Is it possible to alter flex?
- Does balance affect SW? Ex. If I had two 57a's, same static weight, same swing weight...but the balance of one was 8pts HL strung and the other was 4pts HL strung, with the SW being the same would you be able to tell a difference?
- Why is it so hard to find a PT10, 57A/E in an open string pattern?
- Assuming you're a Head sponsored player, can you just tell them..."I want the PT10 with a flex of 57 or 65 or whatever?" Does flex come from the mold? How do they make a racquet more or less flexible?

I guess that's enough for now...maybe I should start a blog
Pro Stock Racquets 201 coming soon!

For all of you still reading...this is my perfect setup:
- traditional Head feel (again, anything prior to the intelligence series)
- open pattern
- max 21.5mm beam
- min. 6pts HL strung
- sw 330-333 strung
- RA 63-64

Here is a video of me playing if you have a minute to spare:
ProKennex 7G (365g, 340sw, 31.9cm)
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