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Well, great discussion and many fantastic comments. We played our first match today with me on the Duce and my partner on the Ad. We did win.. However, many of our games were "me" starting the point with a deep crosscourt forehand at caused a loopier return for my partner to put away. This worked great till they tried poaching my return then I had to go down the line a few times, which kept the net gal in her spot, but I did get a few winners. Any serve out wide to my partner created a put away poach (I got hit twice today). But, on second serves or down the middle serves my partner was able to return deep crosscourt and we were able to pull it out 7-5 and 6-4. I like my partner she is a nice calm lady, but I would like for her to work on her returns. I'm worried better serves will be able to pull her wide more consistently. The one pro (a lady) who created this combo was "gloating" to the other pro (a guy), but he still insists that our scores were too close and that we should switch next time. Thoughts on our scores being too close??
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