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Originally Posted by filphil View Post
Sounds like I should give this setup a try on my next stringing. I hope that doesn't come along for another 2 months though.

In terms of power, or lack there of, how did it compare to your other hybrids? When I hybrid I usually go for the smallest poly cross I can find. I'm afraid the thicker gauges the 4g come in may rob me of some of that power and give me a boardy feeling.

I use 10% differential when hybriding gut with a poly. I also do the yonex 5% cross differential also so I take a total of 15% off when I do a gut/poly hybrid.
It's low powered compared to other poly crosses such as Black Ice 17g and 16g and Focus Hex 17g and 16g. I had generally avoided 16g poly for the same reason: fear of it being too stiff and boardy. But 4G is different. It does go through a period of lower comfort early in its lifespan. It then mellows out and feels plush. Not sure how it would feel in dense string beds. In my 16x19 it feels good.
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