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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
if people buy a racquet for 600,- ,without proof, based on the reputation of Bosworth and TW, good for them.
im sure TW are not knowingly making a false claim. i would just like to know how they know that the racquet was played by Muster and whether they have some proof. Did Bosworth write that down somewhere? maybe in an inventory? that would be good enough for me
im less than impressed, that they cant be bothered to answer.


As I previously stated in the other thread, the racquet came directly out of Warren Bosworth's warehouse to our warehouse. On the racquet, there are two stickers one showing it was hit by Muster and the other showing it came from Bosworth's collection. Unfortunately, Warren Bosworth has passed away so we would be unable to get a letter from him or be able to write a letter that he told us. Also for a prompter response, please ask in TW Questions and Comments as we frequent that thread more often.


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