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Originally Posted by Le Tenis View Post
Thank you GPLRacer Was looking for a magic number I will try out 48 lbs! does anyone know if the 26 APD is the same technology as a 27? Not sure what "shares the same technology" really means !!
I believe is does. I have a child who plays with the APD Jr. 26.5 in version. Best I can tell it's the same as my full size APD I use, just shorter and much lighter. Don't think they offer the 26.5 in. version anymore.

Be careful. Some posters here are adamantly against anything less than 27 in. For me they need to have some resemblance of form before steping up to 27. For and 8 yr. old you're pretty close to needing to go to 27 depending on how skilled your player is now.
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