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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
I've been working at it for 20+ years. It's about as good as its ever been. Still my weaker side, probably never going to change that.
I'm still working on mine and it's been about 50 years but it's coming around finally. Here are a few tips that helped me:

* Place your thumb firmly behind your grip on the big flat. This will support the shot firmly as the palm of the hand does for the FH.

* You will notice yourself cheating on this when the thumb starts slipping to its side rather than firmly flat against the racket--but you will know what the problem is then. You must have the courage and thoughtfulness to execute this--easier said then done! If you don't firmly place the thumb, it will slice and take the power out of the stroke.

* Holding the grip as far down into the palm will facilitate the grip change.

* Putting the palm of the off hand under the butt of the racket will help to de-weight the racket also.

* Now hit a million practice balls.

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