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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I just don't get it.
I've seen your first practice vids, and you hit waaaaaay stronger then than you do now.
You pattycake ALL your serves until minute 4:30, where you start to hit a real serve.
You hit every ball back to your opponent until then too.
Why is your backhand sooooooo bad. You float the ball long over and over, without adding the heavy underspin you need to control, depth and frustrate opponent's.
Why is your second serve so predictable and weak?
You opponent comes to net maybe 7 times, and you did not pass him more than ONCE, and you didn't lob him either!
Why are you swinging like an old man who has shoulder problems. You swing and hit weaker than I can possibly imagine.
Why do you insist on hitting sooooo many balls just up the middle? And why so slow?
Why are you so easy to hit behind? You run back to center of intersect waaaaaaaaay to early, allowing your opponent to hit behind you.
Why don't you do any SPLIT STEPS?

Looks like you regressed LOTS from your first hitting vid.
This vids has all the makings of pusher tennis, but you are not trying to outpush your opponent. Instead, you are trying to out underhit your opponent with soft easy shots over and over again, until finally, after minute 4, you start to once in a while, hit the ball for real.
Fixed your post.
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