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Originally Posted by Brian11785 View Post
Is this a case of it truly not losing much tension, or is there something else about it (the stiffness?) that leads to it feeling like it's not lost much tension and leading to balls not sailing long as they would with my multi at this point in the stringjob's life?
Yeah I think that's it. The tension has dropped but it feels like it hasn't because its stiffness has gone up(due to losing its elasticity).

I like high tensions and poly and used Black Code 18 @ 62/60 and it was awesome. The most amazing ball pocketing I've ever had.
I strung up Black Widow 18 @ 65/64 but it was too tight, next time I'll go 61/59. Now that the tension's gone down though after a few hours, it's very good, low powered and spinny but the edges have completely worn off on the sweetspot(still good spin though)
Tour Bite 18 @ 64lbs was ok. I may try lower tensions if there's a next time.
Last but certainly not least is Gamma Black Ice 18. Unreal grab and bite, the ball is no longer round. Outstanding angles are available. Was strung @ 63/61lbs.
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