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Default FIT Enough to WIN JR Davis Cup!

I don't know why I cant post an image here but look here and here link for PROOF that our girl is FIT enough to WIN!!! Great job, Miss Taylor Townsend, of staying focused, not letting any of the CRAP get you down, and doing your thing! Sooooo proud of this child - and not willing to let anyone brush this under the rug like it didn't happen. I am clearly not the only one who is outraged and for that, I'm soooo glad! Check out this well-written reasoned article, which says much of what I was trying to say here:

<3 to our friend Taylor---so very proud of her!

"We’re extremely proud of our juniors and what they accomplished this past week against the world’s toughest competition and the job that Kathy and Nicolas did as coaches," said General Manager, USTA Player Development Patrick McEnroe. "It was a tremendous week, especially for the girls, and the results are certainly encouraging for the future of both these players and American tennis."

Really. WELL, ISN'T THAT SPECIAL?? I don't know how much more she must do to prove that she's FIT enough to have EARNED her spot at #1.