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Originally Posted by Sander001 View Post
Yeah I think that's it. The tension has dropped but it feels like it hasn't because its stiffness has gone up(due to losing its elasticity).

I like high tensions and poly and used Black Code 18 @ 62/60 and it was awesome. The most amazing ball pocketing I've ever had.
I strung up Black Widow 18 @ 65/64 but it was too tight, next time I'll go 61/59. Now that the tension's gone down though after a few hours, it's very good, low powered and spinny but the edges have completely worn off on the sweetspot(still good spin though)
Tour Bite 18 @ 64lbs was ok. I may try lower tensions if there's a next time.
Last but certainly not least is Gamma Black Ice 18. Unreal grab and bite, the ball is no longer round. Outstanding angles are available. Was strung @ 63/61lbs.
Good to hear. I have some Tour Bite 17 that I got in a trade here. Will have to try the Black Ice as well. My stringer raves about the Dunlop Black Widow. There are bunch I need to experiment with.
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