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Thanks TCF! After reading yours and other posts on here I went out and tried to hit a ball or two with my daughters 25 Babolat PD. It was such a horrible experience just trying to hit a regulation ball from the baseline to the opposite baseline. In fact, I felt so guilty afterwards for having made her play with the 25 for the last year and a half because it must have been really awful to hit hard with it. The 26 APD was much better to hit with without that jarring effect that the 25 had. I did not rally with it I merely tried to hit a ball over with the 25. They should really sell them with a warning that they are for low compression racquets only...
Ordered a bunch of 27 demos and will see how it turns out!! I agree with your point about serves and volleys. She really doesn't volley much at all- only at lessons- and primarily is working on developing her
groundstrokes which are looking very good technique wise so far.
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