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Parasailing- I currently changed to gut/poly after all the excitement on this board, use a IG Prestige Pro (52/4. Since VS Team gut is BT7 I have gone to Pacific Classic. Recently tried Bow Brand??? I find it hard to describe as you all, but my poly crosses were all over the place with Bow Brand, although it felt very close to Pacific Classic. I chose my strings by what feels good to me. When I change to gut mains, Signum Pro Tornado was my cross. I have tried CoFocus(1.1 but it seems it takes time to settle in. Currently trying Scorpion, which feels amazing and the new Signum Pro-Thunderstorm, another great poly. I have learned to use a poly with best Tension resilence as gut is not cheap. I don't mind spending a little extra for the perfect hybird, as this sport brings so much enjoyment. Most likely I haven't played as long as most on this board, I read the post that concern my interest's, and ALL OF YOU have most helpful. Just when you think you found the most "Perfect Setup", another new string emerges. Of thoughs that have not tried gut/Poly............It doesn't get any better!!!! Thanks to "All"!
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