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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
The coach is mostly talking about match play.

And I think it may be psychological.

her thinking is off ..if she is not super intense and hitting missles, then she is playing very scared and pushing the ball...this is during matches.

But during practice she can vary her pace and spin and engage in long rallies.

I think it may have to do more with the trajectory of her balls (she flattens them out too much during matches), and on days when her timing is off, it's unforced error city.

And then some days she plays really scared and completely takes all pace off her shots.

Thanks all and thanks Ash...that is a good idea for a drill.
I find this thread amusing, sounds like you have been watching my girl. Except when she is stressed out she tries to hit it even harder. Doesn't generally work out.

We have been working on the same shot, coach hangs another net about a racket length above the regular net and she has swing correctly, clear the high net, and still keep the ball a couple feet inside the baseline. She does this great in a match, not so much... too impatient, tries to blast winners from the baseline on every hot..
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