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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Now that you brought it up , I actually have an update. After 8 hours hitting, I can say 4S is probably going to be by official setup replacing Pro Line Evolution if price isn't an issue since PLE is way cheaper than Ltec strings. But I don't like stringing it as much as Pro Line Evolution or Ltec 0S as stiffer to weave similar to stringing Alu Power.

4S does feel a tad crisper than 0S and offers a bit more control but you really can't go wrong with either setup.

My favorite 3 selections listed below:

Go with VS mains and Pro Line Evolution if looking for more pop.
Go with VS mains and Ltec 4S for a crisper feel.
Go with VS mains and Ltec 0S if you looking something in between.
Do any of the poly's above have the tension maintanence as Weiss Cannon or Signum Pro, as we have gut in the mains? Appreciate your reviews!!!
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