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Originally Posted by GringoLatino7 View Post
Hello to all you hackers

If you want to buy a Pro Stock Racquet used the price ranges from $250-$350...again...correct me if I'm wrong. NEW pro stock racquets...yes, "they do exist" run you $500!!!!

The questions I have to further my knowledge are the following:
- Are all PT10s, 57A's, 57E's still made in Austria with Twaron.
- How do these racquets compare to retail sticks in general. Smaller sweetspot? Less power, etc?
- One post I read said everything can be altered (Swingweight, Balance, etc) even flex? Is it possible to alter flex?
- Does balance affect SW? Ex. If I had two 57a's, same static weight, same swing weight...but the balance of one was 8pts HL strung and the other was 4pts HL strung, with the SW being the same would you be able to tell a difference?
- Why is it so hard to find a PT10, 57A/E in an open string pattern?
- Assuming you're a Head sponsored player, can you just tell them..."I want the PT10 with a flex of 57 or 65 or whatever?" Does flex come from the mold? How do they make a racquet more or less flexible?

I guess that's enough for now...maybe I should start a blog
Pro Stock Racquets 201 coming soon!

For all of you still reading...this is my perfect setup:
- traditional Head feel (again, anything prior to the intelligence series)
- open pattern
- max 21.5mm beam
- min. 6pts HL strung
- sw 330-333 strung
- RA 63-64

Here is a video of me playing if you have a minute to spare:
Hey there!

Just for one, your prices are a bit off. They range anywhere from around $130-$1000+ depending on who they were used by and what exactly they are. (I've bought my fair share throughout the past few years )

Depending on the stick, the sweet spot can be smaller or larger then retail counterparts. The PT series play like their "old" counterparts. Small sweet spots with a fair amount of flex and depending on the set up, low powered.

Pretty much all specs can be altered to my knowledge really depending on the pro who is using them. Lead tape / silicone specs are easy to change and decide on due to the extremely light hairpins. Flex I'm not sure on. (To be clear, I've never seen a "stiff" PT series.)

For me, yes it would be different to play with different balanced rackets. Hence the fact people like to buy matched pairs/trio's/quads etc.

With the PT series, it's tough to find an open pattern for the sheer fact as far as I know, only top pros are using them. I know Murray uses the open pattern 57A, but off the top of my head I honestly can't think of any one else who does. (Ever seen a AM frame for sale? They are pretty hard to come by!)

Layups are also pretty different, as someone mentioned with flex points. (I have some prostock prestige mids, that flex in way different spots then the retail version making them feel pretty cool IMO, but as you may see, I'm not good enough to play with them as my normal sticks!) Hence, that even though one may have matched sticks in spec to retail, if they flex points are different then the sticks will never truly feel the same.

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