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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
sounds like you are missing the sweetspot too often. Do you watch the ball ALL THE WAY INTO THE STRINGS? I would guess you don't very often. The YT IG Rad Pro is one of the most stable racquets around and with that extra lead you added at 3/9, it should be like a rock. I guarantee you this is a technique issue and not anything to do with the racquet.
It is obviously issue of missing sweetspot. It is tough even for pros to hit all the balls right into Sweetspot. the problem is with this racquet turning in my hands even on slightest miss of Sweet spot. The one I bought is more HL than the one I demoed, thanks to Heads Quality control. I tried to add weight to 3/9 to increase the SW but the raquet is still turning in hands, though the frequency turning reduced after adding weight.
The point of this thread is the one I demoed was much more head heavy and stable than the one I got.
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