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Oh, I forgot to add: there is also the factor of what side you're better at POACHING. On the deuce court (assuming right-handers), you have to be able to have a strong BH poach. While most people feel comfortable poaching with their forehands, there are also a ton of people (particularly 2-handers) who cannot comfortably poach on the backhand side. These people should NOT play the deuce court unless they have a ridiculously good return of serve to make up for it.

As long as you can get the serve back in play, then your netman should spring into action on the second shot, particularly if your return of serve is halfway decent. In playing the deuce court, I would guess that almost 50% of the points I try to get into the action on the second ball. That's because my BH overhead and volley are very good. I have a good "feel" for moving to my left and picking off balls with my backhand volley. But when I play with 2-handers that want to play the deuce court, they NEVER poach and it puts more pressure on me in the ad court because no matter how good my return is, I usually still have to play another ball.

Just something else to keep in mind. Sometimes it's not just the service return that matters, it's the ability of your partner to cut off a weak ball on his side. For right-handers, it's easy to poach from the ad court, but it takes a player with a good one-handed volley to be able to support his partner from the deuce court.
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