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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
To hit with open stance, it means you can reach the ball relatively easily. If you need to run through the shot in a running 2hbh, you need to be able to hit with closed stance, or slice it 1hbh.
Just like a forehand, a 2hbh is really a forehand with the other hand, and strong hand along for the ride and to provide some stability.
Nothing wrong with open stance 2hbh, but be aware your reach for a topspin shot is limited, but your ability to hit topspin sharp angled CC might be enhanced.
Obvoiously, you lose some backswing, but make up for that with more WW finish.
Definitely some good points LeeD. I noticed I was able to rip it down the line and cross court with relative ease as long as I got there in time to set up. When I was more closed, I had a really hard time getting the ball to penetrate the court, often leaving it sitting up near the service line.

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