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Just get the X-Feel 90. Great feel, great precision. It does not have as much power as the Redondo, though. Just make sure you string it right, and this will take "some" experiments.

I had some trouble finding the right string set up and I'm getting closer now. One thing that bugged me a lot was the "smaller" butt of the Pacific. I couldn't lock the butt end well especially during serves and half of my mind was at the fear of the stick slipping out of my hand (I play just the leather). Now I've just half-way solved the problem by increasing the butt end, making it flare more like that of PK (in fact, quite a bit more). The reason I say I'm half-way solving the problem is because I have yet to test play it and see how it goes as it added 3.1 grams to the racket rear-end. Will figure out some ways to cut some weight.

I got the idea from pictures of Gasquet's racket which I took at the Thailand Open. His racket butt is very, very much much flared. Here are the pics:

So, just get the XFPV90 (X-Feel Pro Vacuum 90). It's a joy to play with. It's not that I parted ways with my Redondo, but I love 'em all and have 'em all in my bag.

Making a Super Redondo:

"Don't play what's there. Play what's not there." -- Miles Davis

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