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I'm not thinking hard on this at all. I just disagree.

I don't think anybody is doing a heel to toe movement on a fh and loading on the heel. Maybe you are loading on your heel but videos of pro's or good player doesn't support your theory.

I've never read anything on this site, or seen any articles in tennis literature or videos mentioning this. I've been a member of jeff salzenstein's site, John Yandell's site, FYB, as well as listened to all of Ian's essentialtennis podcasts and I visit other tennis instruction sites every single day (for years) looking to learn anything i can about everything tennis. All of those sites talk extensively about loading and weight transfer and cover minute details related. None of them mention any heel action. I work at home and the tennis channel is on the tv all day long. I've been playing tennis since I was 4 and have taken many many lessons and i also was a minor league 3rd baseman with a sidearm throw which is very similar to fh. I have never received any instruction by coaches nor have had any discussions with anyone ever regarding loading on the heel.

Loading on the heel doesn't make sense. to me. If tennis players and baseball players were loading on the heel and transferring to the big toe you would see everyone hitting a fh or throwing a ball by planting on the heel with the toe pointed up and towards the target direction. You don't see this on anyone. Everyone lands flat or on the ball of the foot with the foot pointed to the side fence. They don't transfer weight towards the side fence. Baseball players have the same footwork (when open stance not a running forehand or a running throw).
The heel has no muscle to load, It doesn't have moving parts and it's not springy and doing a heel to toe transfer would transfer weight out towards the side fence instead of forward into the ball. The reason some ppl do it, including myself, on a 1hbh with the front foot is because that's a closed stance and the front foot is pointing forward in the direction you want the momentum to go. Not the same on an open stance fh with the rear leg.

Now it could be possible that this technique has escaped me all these years and I am wrong. I actually hope that is the case so that I can learn something new. So if anyone else on this board chimes in stating they load their weight on the heel and then transfer that to the toe and then transfer their weight forward (???) when doing a forehand or if you can find any tennis article or video stating such then that would convince me that this is an actual practice that some ppl do and I will thank you for teaching me something new and I'll go out and practice it.

Until then I'll wait for your video.


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