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Default FS 2x Donnay X-Red 94 Plus - L3 - $60

I have 2 Donnay X-Red 94 Plus Racquets for sale.

Grip is 4 1/2 (L4). Condition is 8.5-9/10. Great condition really...just some scuffing on the bumper and a couple nicks/scratches (see last pic for only real blemishes). One Strung with Tecnifibre E-Matrix and the other unstrung. The previous owner (i bought from this forum) said the weights were matched, but *I never confirmed this claim*. I really like this racquet and am only selling because i really need an L3 grip on my main stick. Each racquet comes with the +0g Butt Cap and all three slide weights (3,9 & 12 o'clock)

Price is $60 for unstrung racquet. $65 for Strung Racquet. Or $110 for both shipped to lower 48.

Please email me at with any questions or if you would like to see more detailed pics.

**Please be aware that this is the 94 PLUS model, which is a slightly heavier version of the 16x19 X-Red**

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