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Take a look at his right foot on his FH. The heel is solidly on the ground before it lifts for weight transfer and push off on the inside ball of the foot.

When I say place weight on the heel, are you thinking lifting the toes? What I mean is heel touching the ground with most weight on it. But, even when the heel is touching the ground many a times not enough weight is on the heel. 50 or 60 % instead of 80 to 90 %. That robs some power and can cause problem with consistency. That's the issue I'm talking about.

Even when the foot is pointing the side fence and heel is lifted to push off from the ball of the foot it doesn't mean the whole weight is going toward the side fence. Push off always happens at the ball of the foot and toe and when it's the inside ball the direction is anywhere between backward, sideway toward inside of the foot, and forward. Most efficient being between sideway and forward.

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