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Default Politiets Efterretningstjeneste

Originally Posted by Rock Strongo View Post
I WAS going to control my intake of alcohol, but then I bought a case of beer, a bottle of vermouth, and a litre of Smirnoff Ice. Denmark is dangerous.
Carlsberg, Tuborg, or other?
Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Denmark sounds like a wild land where danger is around every corner. On the other hand, they bottle DANZKA in metal flasks which can be used over and over again to store essential beverages whilst on the move.
On one level, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world. This is true for most Danes and tourists. Nevertheless, Denmark has a very dichotomous nature regarding the issue of safety.

The Danish internal intelligence service is very powerful. In pretty much every country, intelligence services need to work with organized crime and many unsavory organizations in order to gather information. They protect the "bad guys" who work with them.

The world where intelligence services and "bad guys" intersect is very dangerous. This is more true in Denmark than most Western countries. Friendly intelligence services contract with Denmark for operations involving things they usually back away from, like using high-end escorts for intelligence operations.

In the 1950's, current Danish intelligence organizations were shaped by CIA, but they also developed close relations with South Africa and Israel in the 1970s. Their tactics grew harder in those years and in following years.

For most people, the area in Vesterbro by the main train station is the closest that they will get to the dark side of Copenhagen. This is the main vice area, and where the Hell's Angels clash with other gangs for control of drug trafficking and other criminal endeavors.

Organized crime is quite prevalent in Sweden and Denmark. I first heard many stories of protection money being extorted from bars and businesses by Balkan and Russian gangs in Sweden and Denmark from a friend in the 1990s. There have been many other stories since then, involving many criminal groups.

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