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Originally Posted by Brian11785 View Post
It seems the conventional wisdom is that polys should be strung around of below 50 lbs. And that poly loses tension quickly.

Ignorant of these facts over a year ago, I strung some Gamma Zo Tour 16 that my friend gave me at my normal tension (which was 59 lbs. on a Yonex RDIS300--this is one pound shy of the max. range. It lasted me longer than the string I was using at the time (Prince Lightning XX) with it being playable throughout.

I've also recently played with and liked Topspin Cyber Flash 16 @ 60 lbs (mid-tension on my RQIS 1 Tour XL.) What struck me with this string was how well it seems to hold its tension. It was a little stiff, which I don't mind since I have two-handed strokes on both sides, but the tension feels about the same as when I strung it over a month ago (I play about 8 hours a week.) I mean, I thought polys were supposed to be terrible at maintaining tension.

So my question is:

Is my experience unique? This string job with the Cyber Flash strings has already lasted me twice as long as my previous string job: 850 Pro multi, which began to catapult the ball at a certain point. And the tension feels about the same as when I strung it over a month ago (I play about 8 hours a week.)

Also, are there any specific polys that hold tension well and remain playable at around 60 lbs.?
It is unique around here I use poly at tensions in the high 60's and love the way they play strung tight. One of my partners uses lux bb ace at 70 lbs. in a 90 sq. inch racket and believe it or not it does not feel that stiff, he has been using that set up for years.

As far as a poly that holds tension well I have not found one yet, but as you have found when strung tight it is not near as noticeable. But there are many that play well at high tensions such as rpm blast or rpm team, yonex poly tour spin and dunlop black widow just to name a few.
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