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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post

Take a look at his right foot on his FH. The heel is solidly on the ground before it lifts for weight transfer and push off on the inside ball of the foot.

When I say place weight on the heel, are you thinking lifting the toes? What I mean is heel touching the ground with most weight on it. But, even when the heel is touching the ground many a times not enough weight is on the heel. 50 or 60 % instead of 80 to 90 %. That robs some power and can cause problem with consistency. That's the issue I'm talking about.

Even when the foot is pointing the side fence and heel is lifted to push off from the ball of the foot it doesn't mean the whole weight is going toward the side fence. Push off always happens at the ball of the foot and toe and when it's the inside ball the direction is anywhere between backward, sideway toward inside of the foot, and forward. Most efficient being between sideway and forward.
Which fh are you referring to exactly? timestamp?

also from what i just saw there on the video the heel is touching the ground as well as the ball of the foot. it's flat. then there is a slight pause as he waits. that slight pause means no movement and no heel to toe transfer (as you can see on a 1hbh where there is no pause) After the pause due to him waiting and lining things up etc he loads his weight on the rear leg with his foot flat.

Now how can you tell me when his foot is flat that he is loading weight on the heel? How do you know that? You can't know that because it happens fast and once he loads he springs off it. If you read the tennisone articles or any other instruction site or watch vids they always say "load the weight on the inside of the foot on the inside of the leg". this means 'not on the heel'.

edit: idk.. maybe i'm misunderstanding you or something. but loading on the heel makes your weight go in the wrong direction or even backward. just try it. stand on one leg and put your weight on your heel. you will fall over backward or to some direction other than forward where the ball is headed.

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