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Originally Posted by Vcore89 View Post
The boys and girls (10 to 16 year olds) today hitting with a Roddick-like forehand can impart top spins (h-u-g-e) that would put to shame most adults with their Barbies at hand. Can they do the same with a much smaller headed racquet, I don't know, I'll have to see it to believe it. On the otherhand, boys and girls switching to Dunley (Dunlop) Biomemetics while still swinging with the same ''biceps curl'' forehand aren't revving it quite like the Barbies. Why is that? doesn't make me wonder.
Youngsters have been launching forehands hard and long since the beginning of time. Nothing new. Nothing's changed since the advent of the Pure Drive.

I had monster shots when I was 15, and all I had was a PS 6.1 95 Classic. Of course, we didn't have polyester strings back then so keeping it in the court was a bit hard.
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