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Originally Posted by SuzukiSS View Post
I agree everyone at every age plays tennis for different reasons but I have never understood why we have different expectations from tennis kids than say football kids? A kid who is there just to have fun is not going to make it in football or basketball. I can assure you that my football coach was not going to talk about dinner after a loss. I ended up playing college tennis but have always felt the drive and discipline to excel came from those demanding football coaches and my parents. Why are results stressed more in team sports than tennis?
I agree, and I have never understood why you can't learn the same lessons from playing different sports. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess and I probably would have picked a different sport to start when I was younger if I could.

Not to say that I don't appreciate what I've gotten out of tennis so far. If it was a choice between tennis/no tennis, it would be tennis every day. It's just that tennis is such a brutal sport, and I think I would've enjoyed myself better in say, soccer or baseball.
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