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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I didn't say he was an a-hole. I said that he doesn't speak to fans if they don't measure up to his standards. Not sure what the big deal is in saying that. All you have to do is watch him when he signs autographs to see he doesn't even make eye contact much less say anything to them. He is distant and cold to them,and I think I know why but cannot say for sure.

And as much as it pains me to say it,Nadal should take a lesson from **** on how to interact with fans because he is lightyears behind the curve in that department. Now I must go barf for having to compliment ****'s manners. Lol.

And I am a SHE. Not sure how many more times I have to make that known.
That's probably because he's shy. I know because I'm sort of shy in real life and avoid eye contact if I can help it. He's probably more humble and down-to-Earth than any of the top 4.

Anyway, all good. My apologies for reading too much into your post (which I still can't find). I thought you were a biased **** or a Djotard (or whatever you call them).
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