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Default Rafael Nadal is READY to play AUSTRALIA OPEN 2013, prize increased to $30 million

Craig Tiley confirmed this.

What a mind game by Rafa's camp. First they said they're not sure, now Rafa said he will play AO 2013.

ALSO, the prize money is increased by AUD 4 million, to become AUD 30 million.

Aussie Open prize money increases to A$30 million
The Associated Press, Melbourne, Australia | Sports | Tue, October 02 2012, 11:32 AM
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Australian Open organizers have increased prize money to a record Australian dollars 30 million ($31.1 million) for the first tennis major of 2013 in response to player concerns about compensation at Grand Slam tournaments.

Tournament director Craig Tiley said the A$4 million ($4.15 million) increase, announced Tuesday, was the largest from one year to the next in the tournament's history.

The move followed reports that some players were considering bypassing the tournament if prize money was not increased, particularly for losers in the early rounds.

Tiley said "we're proud of the fact we've gone to record prize money. We are supporting the lower-ranked players in their quest for compensation."

Tiley said Rafael Nadal had contacted him to confirm he plans to play in the tournament, despite recent injuries.
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