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Default How can Nadal be a GOAT candidate if...

...he lost every match he ever played against his greatest rival Federer at every World Tour Finals meeting since 2006? They met 4 times and Nadal lost all 4, having only won 1 set.
Doesn't a GOAT candidate have to show at least SOME skill indoors as opposed to just winning all clay all the time and having never successfully defended a non-clay title in his entire 10+ years on the tour? Furthermore, only having won 5 hardcourt Masters titles and 4 non-clay Slams? And getting blasted off the court by his main rival in every indoors meeting?
Obviously Nadal wants more clay tournaments. Why no demand for INDOOR tournaments? Oh yeah, I know why...
A little hard on the knees mixed with the fact that he has no game to compete with Federer indoors so why bother eh?
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