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Originally Posted by UCSF2012 View Post
Youngsters have been launching forehands hard and long since the beginning of time. Nothing new. Nothing's changed since the advent of the Pure Drive.

I had monster shots when I was 15, and all I had was a PS 6.1 95 Classic. Of course, we didn't have polyester strings back then so keeping it in the court was a bit hard.
Well exactly, nothing's changed since the intro of Pure Drives!

Are we suppose to conclude that Barbie's elliptically-shaped 100s (100s--specific) nailed it? I doubt even with a downsized elliptical head, say down to 85 or 90, Barbies aren't gonna produce those monstrous spins. Just compare their 98s.

Anyways, as you say you're launching spinning forehands since you were 15, are you still doing the same or hitting it flatter these days?

From time to time I do the ''biceps curl'' forehand but I really like to whack it flatly most of the time.
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