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Laver in 1969 of course. Grand Slam >>>> no Grand Slam.

Second best would be Connors in 1974. Didnt lose an important match all year and was unfairly robbed of a chance at the Grand Slam by a jaded rival group.

Third best would be McEnroe in 1984. An insane match record which nobody has matched today, complete dominance of big matches vs legends, and the only big match or big event he didnt win was that French he had won but completely choked away, as the Australian was a relative afterthought at the time (except for the purposes of the Grand Slam).

the rest of my top 10 would be:

4. Nadal 2010 (won the biggest event of the year on every surface, huge)
5. Federer 2006 Great overall record but 0 clay titles.
6. Djokovic 2011
7. Federer 2005 lost 3 of the 5 biggest events of year, but incredible M-W record second to only McEnroe's 84 I believe.
8. Nadal 2008 (considering I consider the Olympics atleast on par with the WTF, a major title on each surface again)
9. Wilander 1998
10. McEnroe 1981

Federer in 2004 had too many early round defeats for a historic year, and in 2007 he had a number of really bad losses (eg- Canas in 2 hard court Masters in a row, then Volandri in a 3rd straight Masters).

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