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Originally Posted by pushing_wins View Post
40-0 first game serving

i started thinking ....if i could only fluke out an ace, i would have avoided the dreaded double bagel.

i ended up losing the game.

That's not a choke, that's just poor decision-making. An ace should not be a fluke, you go for it because you know you can get an ace or a service winner off of it. Your alternatives to avoiding the double bagel are getting your first serve in or getting your second serve in. Choking implies falling apart under pressure. You're up 40-0. There's no pressure on you. If you can't get a serve in the box at will then you have no business going for an ace. Luck has nothing to do with it. If you don't have the type of serve that can reliably and consistently win you points then you need to think more along the lines of starting the point and finishing it with your groundstrokes.
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