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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
How much older? I'm 43 and I've used a 90 sq. in. frame practically forever. I've been using polys exclusively for several years. I suppose if I used a stiff poly at high tensions in a stiff frame, I would have problems. But if you're smart about your equipment and watch out for signs of arm problems, you can use pretty much whatever equipment you want.

Fact is, since I switched to PS Energy from Tour Bite, my arm feels better and doesn't get "tired" like it used to. But I've never suffered from tennis elbow from any frame or string, but I've always used small (90-93 sq. in.), heavy (12+ oz.), headlight frames.
But do you hit flat?

Yes, stringing poly at super low tensions can only help and using a heavy racquet always helps, too.
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