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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
...he lost every match he ever played against his greatest rival Federer at every World Tour Finals meeting since 2006? They met 4 times and Nadal lost all 4, having only won 1 set.
Doesn't a GOAT candidate have to show at least SOME skill indoors as opposed to just winning all clay all the time and having never successfully defended a non-clay title in his entire 10+ years on the tour? Furthermore, only having won 5 hardcourt Masters titles and 4 non-clay Slams? And getting blasted off the court by his main rival in every indoors meeting?
Obviously Nadal wants more clay tournaments. Why no demand for INDOOR tournaments? Oh yeah, I know why...
A little hard on the knees mixed with the fact that he has no game to compete with Federer indoors so why bother eh?
Well, as we all know, Nadal can't play tennis. Here we are: the Goat (swiss cheese) is mentally challenged and has never found the solution to constantly beat an inapt tennis player in slams. In the process, he gave that inapt tennis player the opportunity to become one of the best of all time. Poor tennis fans, that idiot named Roger Federer made so much damage. He completely ruined the game.
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