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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Laver in 1969 of course. Grand Slam >>>> no Grand Slam.

Second best would be Connors in 1974. Didnt lose an important match all year and was unfairly robbed of a chance at the Grand Slam by a jaded rival group.

Third best would be McEnroe in 1984. An insane match record which nobody has matched today, complete dominance of big matches vs legends, and the only big match or big event he didnt win was that French he had won but completely choked away, as the Australian was a relative afterthought at the time (except for the purposes of the Grand Slam).

the rest of my top 10 would be:

4. Nadal 2010 (won the biggest event of the year on every surface, huge)
5. Federer 2006 Great overall record but 0 clay titles.
6. Djokovic 2011
7. Federer 2005 lost 3 of the 5 biggest events of year, but incredible M-W record second to only McEnroe's 84 I believe.
8. Nadal 2008 (considering I consider the Olympics atleast on par with the WTF, a major title on each surface again)
9. Wilander 1998
10. McEnroe 1981

Federer in 2004 had too many early round defeats for a historic year, and in 2007 he had a number of really bad losses (eg- Canas in 2 hard court Masters in a row, then Volandri in a 3rd straight Masters).
I just find that hard to take seriously when Nadal had more losses in 2010 alone compared to Federer in 2005 and 2006 COMBINED.

Also you mention Federer's 2007 having "bad losses" and thus not including it in the list whatsoever. Yet still, Fed's record that year (68-9) is better than Nadal's 2010 (71-10). PLUS Federer won 8 titles (4/5 "big events" and final of the last) whereas Nadal had 7 titles (3/5 "big events" and one final, and one quarter final).

Further still, let's take a look at the "bad losses" from each year.

Fed's 2007 - the two Canas, and one Volandri. The other were as follows - One Djoker, 2 Nalby, 2 Rafa, nothing truly bad there.

Nadal's 2010 - Davydenko (after winning the first set 6-0 no less), Ivan ljubicic, Roddick, Lopez, Baghdatis, Garcia-Lopez, Melzer. Also 2x Murray and Federer which aren't bad.

Normally I wouldn't even consider Nadal's loss to Davydenko a bad one on HC since Davy owns Nadal on HC, but damn after winning that first set 6-0 to lose from there was pretty horrible. Suffice the rest of his losses are just as bad as Fed's 2007 except that there were more!

Considering how close Fed's 2007 to Nadal's 2010, I can see it plausible to put Rafa's season higher since he won on 3 different surfaces. However if you're going to say Nadal winning on 3 diff surfaces is going to magically leapfrog him over Fed's 2006, nevermind the gap in accomplishments (12 titles, 16/17 finals, 4/5 big events etc etc etc), well you might as well just be saying you like Nadal better Federer. Which is fair enough because you do and I notice you did atleast say "the rest of my list" and didn't proclaim it as fact. However then don't berate someone whose opinion it is that Fed's 2006 is better than Laver's 1969 (and someone surely will say it in this thread. Mind you, I'm not saying that).
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