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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
What Gut are you using - (cost?) and are you using Gut in the Mains or Crosses? What tension?

Would I get equal value if I go with Gut - whereas it will outlast the cofocus/syngut hybrid?
I'm using Wilson natural gut 16. Pacific will also work, just stay clear of the Babolat gut that uses BT7, because it is much stiffer. The gut goes in the mains and the poly in the crosses. I'm currently at 57/52 lbs, but you'll probably have to play around with the tension, as that depends a lot on the frame you're using. Just go at least 4 lbs or around 10% lower on the poly. The nice thing is if you don't like the poly tension you can leave the gut in the mains and cut out the poly and try again at a different tension.

I'm not one to ask about value. I tend to get whatever plays and feels the best and restring long before there's any breakage.
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