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Originally Posted by morten View Post
ok, thanks, i am curious about this 90 as i love small rackets. strange how they added the leathergrip and made it more headheavy... annoying. I want more headlight. Can one open the buttcap on this racket? (to put weight in there) What are the main differences compared to Fischer vacuum 90?
Normally I like 10+ pts HL sticks too and I've modded the XFPV90 to that sort of spec and things didn't work out. The racket became way-too-fast and lacking omph and stability at impact. Then I added lead to the hoop to counter that problem and things worked out.

But ... the stick then became way heavy to play comfortably. I don't remember the figures though. I had to quit the idea

Then I worked on the string set up instead and found that the stock balance is sorta "just right". Keep the tension on the lower end, or even lower into the mid-to-high 40's. Just add an over grip and that should be it. (I play with leather only, though.) I know one coach who uses this stick and he's got his strung at 45.

In fact what I have done to the flare out the racket butt, plus 2 grams lead at 6.25" from butt end, weight in to about that of an overgrip (5 grams). From just dry-swinging the racket it feels sorta right, comparing it to my beloved Dunlop revelation Tour 90. The balance is now about 8-9 pts HL and weights in at 350.6 grams.

Can't wait to play-test my mod tomorrow ... if it doesn't rain here in Krung Thep (Bangkok).

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