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Just to let you know...the X Feel Pro 95 is effectively the Fischer M Comp 95 'Black Granite' frame that never made it to the states. I used the M Comp 95 for 3+ years and loved the frame, but be warned that it has minimal power. The Pacific version is slightly stiffer, a has a bit more pop, but still retains that 'Fischer feel'.

The same can be said for the X Force Pro. I hit with the M Pro No. 1 for ~ 2 months before I switched to the X Force Pro, and am 100% 'all in' on this frame. Slightly stiffer than the M Pro No. 1, yet still feels like a Fischer.

I can only guess that the same can be said for the X Feel Pro 90, however, to answer your question:
Originally Posted by morten View Post
Can one open the buttcap on this racket? (to put weight in there)?
I'm fairly confident the answer to that is 'no'. Looking at the image of the handle:

it appears that the X Feel Pro 90 has the Fisher palette system, which is effectively a 2-piece palette running the length of the handle held together by two plastic screws. Do a search here on the Fischer palettes. I know someone posted detailed images of replacing/modifying the grip a few months back.
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