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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
As long as you can get the serve back in play, then your netman should spring into action on the second shot, particularly if your return of serve is halfway decent. In playing the deuce court, I would guess that almost 50% of the points I try to get into the action on the second ball. That's because my BH overhead and volley are very good. I have a good "feel" for moving to my left and picking off balls with my backhand volley. But when I play with 2-handers that want to play the deuce court, they NEVER poach and it puts more pressure on me in the ad court because no matter how good my return is, I usually still have to play another ball.

It is very demoralizing to play the ad court with someone who has no BH volley/BH overhead in the deuce court. They will spend the whole match terrified to poach with their BH. Sometimes they will even start the match by declaring that they won't poach to their BH.

Return of serve is an important shot, but it's a long day at the office when you get no help at net. I like to play my BH volley, so deuce court is a good fit for me.
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